Designer Tool

A framework for highly customizable e-commerce

E-commerce web-sites that sell highly customizable products tend to be very complex in term of the underlying logical model of the customization process.
In contrast to existing web content management systems and web site development tools, the complexity lies in the flow of information from the user to the system, rather than from the system to the user. Thus, the problem involves modelling the transaction between logical states, based on input values in contrast to publishing database content.

The aim of this project is to develop a tool that allows the modelling and the publishing, by a non-specialist, of a system to order highly customised goods.

Overview of the System

A designer will use this software to model the product to be sold. The system will then automatically and dynamically generate different output formats depending on the generator used.
The customer has a direct access to the e-commerce interface and can therefore establish a direct logical connection with the factory.
The different parts of the framework are:
  1. A Java stand-alone application to model the product properties and the contraints
  2. A Finite State Machine described in XML as intermediate format for the customer interface
  3. XSLT scripts to transform the XML state-machine built by the Java application into the final customer interface
  4. Different customer interfaces (e.g. dynamic PHP sites that will be automatically built under 3.)
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